About Us

When you book a photo session with Urban Moda, you are not just having your picture taken, you are receiving an experience. Our number one goal and our passion is to make all women look and feel like they just stepped off the cover of Vogue magazine. Our clients are not models & many of them come into our studio feeling nervous and self-conscious about standing in front of a lens.

We want every woman who stands in front of our lens to feel confident, beautiful, and fully aware of her inner sexiness. That’s why we provide each woman with the tools to help make sure she is feeling all of these things! Prior to your portrait session, you will receive hair and make-up assistance, along with a complimentary glass of wine or champagne. Then, during your session, you also receive a one on one posing coach and plenty of direction from the photographer. Perhaps you’re the type of woman who doesn’t feel like she photographs well, or that you need to lose weight before stepping in front of a camera…toss those worries aside! We capture every beautiful moment & angle that shines forth from you naturally…while you may not believe it’s there, we know it is!

We will never ask you to pose in ways that make you uncomfortable. Likewise, we will never ask you to dress in such a way. You wear what you are comfortable in…whether it’s a portrait session or a boudoir session. Each of our affordable packages include: make-up, hair assistance, complimentary glass of champagne or wine, posing coach, and wardrobe changes (see package list for details). Sessions can take place in our studio or on location.**

Thank you for visiting www.urban-moda.com! Browse our galleries & contact us for any questions and/ or to book your very own Urban Moda experience!


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