Alex, Amber, & Summer

On Saturday, we brought back the lovely Amber!  You may recognize her from the stunning photos we shot a few weeks back when she came to our studio alone for a portrait session:

Remember this?


Or this….


Well, this time she didn’t come alone.  We decided to head to an outdoor, beach location off the tip of Long Boat Key in Sarasota, FL called Greer Island (affectionately referred to as Beer Can Island by the locals).  We parked and walked a short distance to where it looks like trees, along with their roots, have washed ashore.


The setting was perfect, the water was inviting, and there were very few people.  Amber, her husband, Alex, and their adorable two year old daughter, Summer, made the perfect subjects for a beautiful family photo session on the water…Image

If only we could have gotten Summer to look at the camera 😉  It just goes to show that when the child decides he or she is done with photos, you’re ALL done with photos!  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a shot or two without her knowing 😉 Shhhhh…don’t frighten away the smile…





While Summer was off enjoying some time hunting for seashells with me, Mommy & Daddy got some alone time…



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