Doesn’t She Just GLOW??

Really…she does & not because of the glow of the sun behind her 🙂

As promised, here are the rest of the maternity photos from Laura and Sam’s shoot on Sunday.  They purchased a CD of the images that they can use for Facebook and other social networking-type sites & from there they will choose which images they would like to print.  When I asked Laura if she had a chance to review the images, she responded with the following:

“Hi Shannon, yes we were looking at the pictures last night, we absolutely love them!  It’s so hard to make a decision!…You guys do an awesome job & we are so pleased with the results!”

That is music to our ears.  By the way, did I ever mention that my name is Shannon?  It’s not Urban Moda…that would be weird.  Urban Moda is the brain child of myself and my husband, Tony.  He is the real talent behind the lens and the lighting, etc.  Along with hair and make-up, I am basically there to act as moral support and a posing coach to our clients.  I also hold a fan at times.  I’m a pretty kick-ass fan holder.

Remember to head over to our Facebook page and LIKE us!!  You can also visit us at our NEW website & follow us on Twitter.  I dream of one day not having to be a slave to social networking, but for now please forgive my constant begging redirection.



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