“That’s me?”

This is the reaction we received when we showed Amber the “after” results from her photo shoot last night.  This picture is just a sneak peak of her shoot & we will be adding more as they run through the editing process. 



It is so much fun for me, for us, to watch each lady that we work with gradually get in touch with her inner model.  They start off a little shy, a little hesitant; however, in no time at all…with the assistance of a glass of champagne…they blossom into this creature who is suddenly really in touch with herself through the lens.  We tell each of our clients to not focus on the man behind the lens, but to think of the lens as a mirror.  Women, don’t lie now, after you primp yourself for a night out on the town, how do you look at yourself in the mirror?  Do you feel more confident?  Do you feel sexy?  Do you turn your head away from the mirror and look off into space or do you stare dead on at the hotness the mirror is reflecting?  I’m pretty certain I could answer this last question for every woman out there 🙂

So sorry to tease with just a couple of pictures…I promise there are more to come & soon!! 

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