Let’s Try This Again…

“Again” because my first attempt at blogging failed miserably.  Perhaps I was too ambitious with it… working mother of two, training for a marathon, learning to play guitar, and successfully blogging about all of it.  I am not saying it’s impossible; I am sure there are millions of successful blogging women out there who tackle it all.  I, obviously, am not one of them.

Until now.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

I guess we will find out.  I think the main issue was I lacked focus…too many things going on at once.  This blog shall be kept simple and dedicated to one thing…photography.  OK, with a few “motherly” things thrown in here and there.

Urban Moda is the brain child of my husband and myself.  It started out as me, Shannon, needing some head shots for a theater resume & kindly asking my husband, Tony (the man behind the lens), to help me out.  He has been saying for a few years, off and on, that he would like to take up photography.  Typically, I am very supportive of my husband and I know he’s a very talented and creative individual; however, I felt like everyone around me was coming to the same conclusion…that they wanted to become a photographer.  He agreed to take some head shots and, after seeing them, I was actually impressed & we started receiving really positive feedback from friends, family, acquaintances.

I’m not sure why I doubted his abilities…I’ve seen his handiwork with a video camera.  Still shots should be a cake walk for him!  It hasn’t been.  He knows his camera, he knows his lenses, he knows lighting, composition, Photoshop, posing, etc.  The difficult part is that he is a perfectionist.  I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, because it’s driving him to become better and better with every click.

So join me, join us, on our journey to becoming picture perfect.  At Urban Moda, we specialize in portrait photography.  When you book with us, you’re not just getting a session, you’re getting an experience.

The Urban Moda Experience.

Included in our pricing packages is hair and make-up assistance, a posing coach, & complimentary wine or champagne.  See our website,  www.urban-moda.com, for complete package pricing information, details, and additional photos from our portfolio!

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We hope you will stay tuned and grow with us!




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Co-owner at Urban Moda
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